Friday, May 24, 2013


Wow, I can't believe another week has already come and gone. But I'm so glad it's Friday! I need to get to bed, so I only have time for a quick little blurb, but I just wanted to update you because I won't be here at all tomorrow :)

Today was a great day. The weather was awesome. Classes went well, and I got a 98 on my literature exam yesterday! That's a good way to start out. My culture exam that was supposed to be today was moved to Monday, thank goodness! That is going to be such a hard test for me. After school, I went home and had lunch with my family, and then my mom took me to a Chino store to get a skirt I need for our dance. I picked out a bright pink one, go figure. Haha. Love me some neon! She dropped me off at Shanna and Emily's house, and then we went to get pizza! We were going to meet up with a bunch of the other students at one pizzeria, but it was closed and when we got there the other girls were nowhere to be found. We had no way to get in contact with them, so we headed to another one and had a pizza date just the three of us. It was so amazingly delicious. Pepperoni, cheese, and grease has never tasted so good! And it was really cheap too :)

After our pizza date we walked around the walls for a little while, and then Emily and I went to the Congress Palace to see a ballet! The World Famous Moscow Ballet RFB was performing, and we really wanted to see it. Quite a few of the students from our group went. It was so so good! The costumes and set were amazing and so artistic, and the dancing/ballet was fabulous!! Those dancers have AMAZING muscles and talent. That lasted until about 12:00am and then I walked home.

Tomorrow we have a 9am-9pm day trip to Salamanca, so I need to get to bed and get some rest!! Look forward to a fun post with lots of pictures from Salamanca! :)

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