Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Here Comes the Sun :)

Today was a great day! The weather is finally starting to turn toward the better, which automatically just put me in a better mood to start the day. When I woke up to the sun coming in my window, I knew it was going to be a good day. It was still freezing inside the school though, and I wore my jacket the whole day. The sun just needs to shine a little bit brighter! Classes were fine, normal again. In my conversation/composition class we were trying to play a game and it involved commands and many of them involved different body parts like "Make a fist" or "Blink your eyelids very quickly." None of us knew any of those more unique body parts, and so we ended up having an impromptu vocabulary lesson on the body. Which was actually very useful! I learned a lot of new words today that I never knew about, including words for shin, calves, blink, eyelashes, gums, uvula, all the names of the various fingers, dimple, and yawn. I wrote them down and hopefully will be able to retain them! Our teacher couldn't believe we didn't know the words, but now we've got them all figured out. In dance class we were dancing all together and switching partners and it is getting more complex, but very fun. I need to go buy a skirt this weekend. After classes, I walked home, ate lunch, and then turned around and walked back to school for OIP practice. I don't need to take the OIP test, but it is very good practice for me and I benefited from it last time so I went again. Oh, and while Allison and I were walking together to OIP, I almost got pooped on by a bird. I have never come that close to being pooped on before and it was so freaky! We were just walking and talking and all of a sudden bird poop dropped right in front of my face and landed right next to my foot. We were both so surprised, and I am so thankful I didn't lean forward right at that second or I would have had some cute hair gel going on. SO GROSS. The birds here are just so rude. I came back from OIP and my mom asked me if I wanted a little something to eat. She made me a mini-pizza! I have no words to describe how good that pizza tasted. Seriously, I don't realize how much I missed American foods like that until I eat them here. SO DELICIOUS. Or the other night we had hotdogs. Something so simple but really a taste of home. I really enjoy the food here and like trying all the new things, but sometimes there's food I wish I could have. And the pizza was just something I haven't tasted anything similar to in so long! We also had some potato chips the other day and I could not get enough of them! They don't have much salt on anything here so I think my body was craving some.. Haha.

I am finally figuring out my daily schedule here and making things work better. I've been up so late most nights doing my homework, because I usually don't start it until after supper. But when you don't eat supper until 9:30ish at night, doing all your homework afterwards makes for a late night! Today when I came back from OIP I sat down and cranked out homework for about 2 hours which was really good, and now I'm just finishing up a few more assignments. Obviously it's not fun to spend my free afternoon/evening time doing homework, but I need to do it sometime and I'd rather do it then than at 12:30am. I have been much more productive on my homework the last two days as well because I have been working on it at my desk instead of while laying in my bed or downstairs in the living room. My desk is right by the window so it was freezing over here and I didn't like sitting here, but I sucked it up and took the blanket off my bed and use it over here now. Because when I study in my bed, all I accomplish is feeling tired and wanting to nap. Haha. So the desk it now is!  I'm also hoping to go for a run tomorrow afternoon after lunch, and then add that into my daily schedule. I haven't ran since I got here, and I really really want to. The weather is finally getting nicer so I'll be able to run in a t-shirt and shorts like I planned. In other news, my friend Ceceli and I figured out that we are on the same flight back home from Madrid, so today we switched our plane seats so that we are sitting next to each other. That will be so nice, especially on the long overseas flight because we can curl up and sleep and not worry about invading our neighbor's space. It will also be really nice to have someone to take the bus from here to the airport with, and be with when we have to go through customs and switch planes twice back in the US. Also, the band One Direction is currently on tour and are in Spain right now! I KNOW, CRAZY! They are in Barcelona tonight and Madrid on Friday!! I wish we could go see them in Madrid, but we have a day-trip on Saturday morning and wouldn't be able to get back to Avila in time to catch our bus. I guess seeing them on the news everywhere will have to suffice.

Well, I have a literature analysis exam tomorrow, and a Spanish culture exam on Friday so I need to get back to my studying! Hasta luego!

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