Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Little Bit of Sunshine!

The sun came out today for about 10 minutes this morning, and again for a little shot this afternoon!! It was still only about 50 degrees, but gives me hope for warmth and summer! Haha. Today was another routine day of classes. Lectures, note-taking, and a few activities. I am finally getting settled into the schedule here and knowing what comes next/where. I also no longer am starving at about 11:30am. My stomach has finally adjusted to eating lunch at 2:30 or 3pm and dinner at 9pm. Yesterday in dance class we finished learning the first section of our sevillana dance. I thought it was going really well and had it down and Shanna and I were doing great!! Until today... when we added arms and hands. It's amazing how much more difficult something can get when your brain is being stretched in 3 different directions. Let's just say we're going to need a LOT more practice now. Haha. Coordination is key. After classes I walked home and had lunch with Nuria and Marta. We watched TV and chatted for a little bit, and then I was very ready for a siesta. I was up really late last night and so I definitely needed a little nap. I had the house to myself because my family was off running to various places and different errands. I slept for about an hour and then got up and Skyped with Erin for a long while. It's SO wonderful to talk face-to-face with people from back home :) Then we ate dinner and sat downstairs and chatted for a while. Now it is total-house study time once more! Marta is practicing her violin and doing her English homework and I need to read for my literature class and do a couple of other assignments. AHH. Homework time. Just thought I'd leave you all a little note about my day :) Adios!

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