Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just a day, just an ordinary day :)

Nothing really exciting has happened today, so I'll just give you a short run-through of my day. In my conversation/comp class, we did some more grammar work with sentences/conjugations that is getting a little more complex each day. Then we did a little activity using different tenses where we had to write sentences like, "If I were an animal, I would be a _____ because ____" with many different categories like food, weather, objects, natural resource, vehicle, etc. We also played a game in teams, kind of like jeopardy with different questions. Tomorrow she is teaching us a song, so that should be fun! In my culture class, we learned about the northern coast of Spain. (I think.. Haha.) The activity we did was a little confusing, but I was starting to figure it out towards the end. Many of the words are new words I am not familiar with so it takes a lot of thinking. We did have our first day of dance class today though! I guess that's something a little bit exciting :) We were learning the feet and a little bit of arms for a dance, but I can't remember what it is called. Not flamenco this time though. We practiced a few steps and then had to do it with a partner and do cross-overs/changes of position. Shanna and I were partners and we actually did pretty well! Not at holding a serious face though. We just kept laughing. We nailed the steps though, and deemed ourselves "profesionales." I hope you're reading this, Shanna. Haha! We're gonna be legit dancers after six weeks, I just know it :) Then Shanna and I had literature class with Rico. Took some more notes and talked a bit. We have reading homework for tonight, so I guess I'll see how well I learned!

After school I came home and had lunch with my family, and then a few of us girls walked around town looking at the shops/stores and just exploring a little bit. It's really cold here again. It was 38 degrees when I woke up this morning, and I don't think it's been above 50 all day. BRRRR. We explored a lot of stores, and  got some treats at a little bakery place. SO yummy. They make good sweets here, that's for sure! Another fun interesting thing about Spain here is that there is no sales tax on items. If the tag on something says 1.20 euros, it costs 1.20 euros. It's nice because you can calculte how many euros you need easily on your own, and it's really nice to not pay tax when you are so used to it! We walked around for about 2.5 hours, so that was some good exercise. Living up in the mountain makes walking very good exercise. I should have some toned glutes and calves when I return! I came back home and logged onto my computer, and my friend Laura called me on Skype! It was SOO nice to talk to her for a while and we chatted and caught up on life. Let me know if any of you ever want to Skype! It's so weird to talk with someone so far away! But it's super nice as well :)

*Fun fact of the day: I had my first Spanish dream last night!! Before I came here, I wondered if that would ever happen, and sure enough it did! Much sooner than I had expected. I woke up shortly after and realized and it was so weird to think about! My brain was speaking Spanish inside of me!

We are about to eat dinner and I have quite a bit of homework to do tonight, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet! I need to plug in my camera and upload some more of my pictures from the last few days to share with you. Hasta luego!

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