Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Days Flying By!

I can't believe that at the end of this week I will be halfway through my adventures here! The past few days have gone by so quickly and I just want it to slow down! Now that I have a few minutes, I thought I'd give you a quick update on my last few days.

Sunday was a relaxed day. I got up at 10am, which is actually the earliest I've gotten up on a Sunday since I moved here! Haha. I had a test Monday so I studied for a while, and then Kari came over for lunch with us. We hung out and talked for a bit, and then we went to my host mom's parents' house for coffee/social hour. Every Sunday all of the kids/grandkids get together there and have lunch. They have a very big family so it was fun to meet them all and hang out for a bit. Marta has cousins ranging in ages from babies to age 26, so there was a wide variety of people there. That evening Shanna, Emily, and I went exploring down by the river and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon/evening. We also may or may not have played on a lot of the playground equipment down that way as well. It's kind of irresistible to our inner child side :)

The weather was so gorgeous on Sunday, and the day ended with this beautiful sunset over the mountains. I'm glad I looked outside just in time to catch it, because it only lasted a few minutes!

Monday was a good day as well. It's so cold in the school though, and so sitting in those classrooms for 5 hours is so hard to do. The first hour or two are fine, but then after you've been sitting there for so long you are just freezing and can't warm up. It needs to get a little warmer/sunnier outside so that it warms up inside. I had my first test in my culture class, and I did not know what to expect. It wasn't too bad. It seemed like I either knew the answer exactly, or had no clue. Most of them I knew though, and when I got it back today I had four wrong, so not too shabby. After school Shanna, Emily, Emilio, and I went to the mall to kill some time and pick up a few things we needed to get before our London trip. It was my first time taking the city bus and my first time to the mall, and I survived :) We went to Carrefour, which is the equivalent of a big department store like Wal-Mart here. I hadn't seen a store like that here yet, so that was interesting to see. They sell so many different types/brands of things here. It's just interesting to walk around and see what they have! When my dad came to pick me up from their house (I didn't want to make the 50 minute walk in the dark by myself), I had a minor panic attack because he texted me that he was outside in the calle, but when I went out there he wasn't there. I called him and we were trying to find each other for like 10 minutes, and eventually we did. I was in building #10, and he was outside building #13. The sign looked like a 10 though under the lights because they were glaring. I was impressed with my Spanish ability to communicate and figure out what was going on. It's a lot harder for me to communicate in Spanish over the phone because I can't see their lips/facial expressions or gestures. But we made it!

Today is already Tuesday, WOW! We are leaving for Madrid on Thursday night and London Friday morning! I'm doing laundry right now so that it'll be dry in time for me to pack my bags tomorrow and be ready to go! I feel like I need to do so much before then, so I'm hoping to accomplish some stuff this evening. Today was just a pretty normal day at school. In my conversation/culture class, we are currently studying houses and different living situations and the vocab and terms that go along with those kinds of things. It's fun because the other day we were talking about the houses we grew up in and thinking back on our childhoods. In my culture class we started a new unit today and continued talking about the different happenings in the different provinces. We've also been discussing the bullfighting in the last few days. They are having a bullfight here in Avila in June and I really want to go! Some of my friends don't, because they think it is sad how the bulls are tortured and killed, but I think it'd be interesting and a very cultural experience. In my lit class we are currently studying poetry and poetry analysis. It's difficult for me to understand poems in English, let alone in Spanish! Haha. It's not too bad yet though. And finally, in my dance class, we are continuing with our Sevillana dance. We now know the first two sections, and will start learning the 3rd tomorrow. It's getting a little bit difficult to remember everything in order, but it helps to have a partner to help figure it out. This afternoon we have an activity with the teachers. I think we are playing some Spanish card games. Hopefully that's fun. And then my evening will consist of homework and London packing! The weather is not very nice today. :P

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!! And if someone can figure out how to slow the time down, that would be greatly appreciated. THANKS! :)

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