Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Actual School and Classes

Today was the first day we actually had classes and such. I walked to Allison's house and then we walked together. Both times we walked today we did great and did not get confused or lost at all. We are getting better :) I am in the medium level of classes which I am very happy about. I did not want to be in the high level, because I thought I'd get confused and some of the students in our program can speak SOO well. I also didn't want to be in the low level, because I want to be challenged here and not be learning basic things I already know. There are 8 girls total in my class, so it's small and fun. Our profesora is Rut and she is SO cute and young and fun! We started by playing two games to get us to know each other and be comfortable talking and conversing. In the first game, we had a large star on the board and we each took turns writing 5 words/things on the star (one at each point). Then the class had to ask us yes/no questions about the words to figure out what they mean to us/signify about us and our lives. It was actually really fun and it was fun to get to know the other girls. Then we played a game where we had to draw a word/theme out of a basket and then we had to describe it for one minute. Then the class had to guess what we were describing. Basically verbal charades. Then we had to crack down and do some more academic type stuff, but that really wasn't too bad! Part of our homework for that class is to keep a journal and write in it every night about what we did at school and in the afternoons/evenings. I think that's great actually, and it'll be fun to look back at after the trip. Plus it's good practice for my Spanish writing skills.

My other class is Spanish Literature/Readings. The teacher is Rico, our chaperone for EMU, so that's kind of interesting. There are only two girls in that class though, Shanna and me! Haha. So that'll definitely be interesting. We will both need to do our readings/homework, or it'll be pretty obvious. No hiding in that class. We took some notes about different types of literature in Spanish, and then he assigned us a reading. It probably isn't going to be a super interesting class, but I guess it'll be nice to cram it into 6 weeks instead of spreading it out over a whole semester. Our final class of the day is our dance class. The dance studio was occupied today with students from the school who are taking Spring Final Exams, so we were in a classroom listening to different types of dance music and we learned the arm/hand motions for flamenco dancing. Yes, I said flamenco dancing. This is going to be one of the craziest things I have ever done. Haha. And at the end of the 6 weeks, our host families come to watch us perform a dance. AHH.

After school we walked home, and I was home alone a while waiting for Jesús and Marta to get home. Jesús came home but without Marta. They were taking her to the doctor this morning because she has been having bad allergy problems, and I asked him where she was and he said something about the medico and something about her tests. I knew she had two tests in school today so I figured she was making them up since she missed this morning. After a little more conversing, I figured out that they had taken her to the hospital to do tests because they thought she might have pneumonia. He left again after lunch, and I went out walking around town and the river with my friends Carly and Abbey, both from EMU. That was really nice and relaxing and fun to talk with them for a bit. When I came back, the family was back from the hospital with Marta. Turns out she has bronchitis. Her allergies have been really bad, and so the phlegm/stuff has been building up in her lungs. But she's on antibiotics and it should clear up soon. I'm glad she's not super sick! (And I find it kind of impressive that we were able to communicate all that info and I understood it with no difficulties :) ) Now I'm just relaxing for a bit, but should probably start my homework soon. It's weird, because I'm very accustomed to eating supper and then starting my homework, but when we don't eat until 9 or 10 at night, I should probably do my homework first. I just need to find motivation. My brain is still in summer/tourist mode. Haha.

Check out these sheep we passed by on our walk today! Made me feel kind of back at home. The baby lambs were SOOO cute. Look at the little guy :)

Here's a picture of Abbey and me while we were walking along the river! I love that I live really close to it. :)

Have a wonderful evening, all!

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