Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday Friday

Yesterday was a pretty regular day at school, classes weren't super exciting and we took notes and things like that. We have so much homework for our literature class. It's super annoying and takes forever, so that's not much fun. Dance class is kind of a nice break in the day though! We learned more steps for the primero section of our dance. It is getting more difficult, but it's fun. I was super tired after school and had to walk home in the rain which is no fun. But then after lunch I decided to take advantage of siesta time. I have not actually napped during that time yet, but yesterday I decided it was finally time to try it out. BEST. THING. EVER. No wonder they all do it! Even most of the businesses close from 2-5pm for lunch/siesta time. I felt so refreshed afterwards and was much more alert in the evening. Definitely going to be taking more siestas from now on :)

After my siesta, Kari and Ceceli and I decided to meet up and just go out for a while and see what we found to do. We were planning on going to one of the bars and getting drinks/tapas, walking around a bit, and then going to a festival they were having in town. Most of the bars didn't start serving dinner/drinks until 8pm though, so we ended up finding Chuchi, a wonderful pasteleria that is owned by the family of one of our profesoras here! SOOO good. We tried Yemas, which are a traditional sweet of Avila. They are made with egg yolks that are somehow sweetened. I really liked them, and thought they kind of tasted like lemonheads. But squishy :)

Then we walked around and did some touristy picture taking, but we were getting really cold so we decided to go to my house for about 45 minutes before the festival to warm up. When we got to my house my mom brought us some drinks, which eventually turned into a multi-course feast of sandwiches, chips, meat, fruit, pudding, and cake. Haha. My little sister was playing her violin for us and we were playing the piano and it was so much fun to just hang out. We decided it was too cold to go to the festival, but my mom's sister-in-law was at our house and she was heading to her dance practice! She is in a dance group in Avila and they dance the jota, which is very native to this area of Spain and the Castille y Leon region. We decided to go watch and it was so fun and interesting! There were men and women and they did multiple different dances. It was a very good cultural experience and we enjoyed it a lot! Here's a little video clip of one of the dances the men did. They are just at practice so they are not in their costumes. 

After that, we headed home and I went to bed. Today we had a day trip to Segovia! I'll have to update on that later when I get all my tons of pictures uploaded. :)

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