Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crunch Time

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have officially hit crunch time. I have completed my finals week at school and am finally at home!! Along with this insanely large pile of stuff..... (HELP!)
I need to spend the rest of tonight and Thursday sorting through all of this and packing my suitcase and carry-on for the trip. I have my super long packing list I've been compiling over the last week or two, so I need to find all of those items and try to make it all fit! I'm also searching the Delta and TSA website to make sure that I'm not breaking any rules so my time at the airport can go smoothly and quickly. I am hoping to see a few people tomorrow before I leave and get a few last-minute errands completed. My nerves about this trip have kind of subsided at the moment, and I'm more filled with excitement now! I cannot believe the day is finally coming! I talked to a few of the other girls that are going to Avila today before I left and it has just made me even more excited! We are so excited to experience this wonderful summer. 

Well, I better get back to my packing, packing, packing! It'll be a long crazy day tomorrow but by the end of it, I will be completely set for my trip! (Hopefully!!)

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