Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lots of Laughs

Today was a day filled with so much laughter! From beginning to end I feel like so many fun/funny things happened today, and it was such a wonderful day. Except my stomach seriously hurts from laughing so hard earlier :)

The funnies started this morning in my first class of the day. We were discussing different bad things that can happen to you while you are traveling, and what you can do/say to resolve them. For example, losing your luggage. Or getting seasick on a cruise. Or getting diarrhea from the food. These discussions turned into a short impromptu vocab lesson about bodily functions. And I have to say, no matter how old or mature you think you are, discussing bodily functions is still funny. Especially in a room of 10 college girls and a very young teacher. We did a lot of laughing for a while, but I actually learned some words that may come in handy if I need them! I laughed a lot during dance class today as well, because we were learning a brand new series of steps, and along with new steps comes many mistakes. Dance class is really fun though, but let me tell you... it is quite the challenge to hold a straight face when you're looking right into a person's eyes and you're dancing with them. I had my first exam today (which is not funny), but I think it went pretty well! It was a short Spanish story and we had to answer questions about it after reading it and do some literary analysis of it. I understood it and answered the questions, I just don't know how much detail he'll be looking for! We'll see tomorrow I suppose.

After school, my mom and I had to stop at the vet to pick up her sister's dog. It was being groomed today and she said we were going to pick it up quickly and then drop it off at her sister's house. She runs in to grab the dog and comes out with this teeny tiny little Yorkshire terrier. She was all tucked into Nuria's arm and had a little ponytail sticking up on her head. I could not help but laugh! She was such a funny little dog, and the best part was, her name is Kitty! I explained that in English, kitty is actually another name for a cat and so we laughed about that for a while. When we picked up Marta from her school she really wanted to take Kitty home for a little bit to play with her, so we did. I cracked up every time I would say, "Here, kitty kitty!" and the little dog would come prancing over. Priceless. Here's a picture of the little princess!

My little sister had a violin recital this evening, but we had a group activity at the school so I had to go to that instead. It was really fun actually and we played some different games to get to know each other, and played a traditional Spanish game as well. I really like our group here and it's fun to spend time with them outside of just our classes. After the activity, Shanna, Emily, Abbey, and I decided we wanted to go to one of the many ice cream shops in Avila. The sun was shining and we were outside for our activity so we were warm and ready for some ice cream. Oh my gosh, the ice cream shop was amazing. It had so many flavors to choose from and they were all so good! We each got 2 different flavors in our bowls and then tried each others' flavors as well. YUM YUM YUM.

It probably looks like all that I do here is eat sweets, but I actually eat pretty healthy! The sweets and fun shops are just the best things to take pictures of, that's all. They have very good fresh fruit markets here as well. YUM.

We took our ice cream out to a cute little park in the middle of the plaza area. While we were sitting there, we took a few pictures and decided we wanted to take one funny picture. We took one, and it was hilarious and we could not stop laughing. This turned into quite the photoshoot to see who could make the ugliest faces. Everyone else in the park probably thought we were crazy, but we were having a great time! We laughed SO hard and I seriously had a stomachache. I also thought I might pee my pants, for real. I never have been in that situation but I really had to go and was laughing my guts out! Thank goodness I didn't though, and didn't need to use any of my newly-learned Spanish words for that kind of stuff. Haha! I uploaded most of them on to Facebook (I have no idea why, but I did.), so if you want to check more of them out, or need a good laugh, go for it. They're probably not as funny to you as they are to us, but they're still a pretty good laugh!! Us four girls are our group going to London, so after having such a fun afternoon today, I am so excited for that! Just one week away. Crazy how fast time flies here :)

I hope I was able to fill your day with a few laughs as well! Life is always better with a smile on your face :)

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