Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hola, España!

I am officially in Spain! Our flight got in at 8:30 this morning and we have been in Madrid at the airport ever since. We are currently sitting on our bus outside mooching Wi-Fi off the bus next to us, because the airport does not have Wi-Fi.

My flights and airport things all went smoothly! On my first flight, I was sitting next to a woman from Venezuela. Crazy, right? So she speaks English and Spanish and we talked in Spanish for quite a while which was good practice for me. Then I got to Atlanta, took a train all the way across to the other side of the airport, grabbed some food, and got to my next gate. The flight from Atlanta to Madrid was only 8.5 hours, but felt like FOREVER. I was hoping to be sleeping most of the time, but I actually did not fall asleep at all. I slept maybe like 40 minutes the whole time, so I'm running on pretty much no sleep. The plane was SUPER cool though. Each seat had its own little screen thing, and you could watch movies, listen to music, play games, view the flight status and where we were, and a few other things. They had really good movies and some brand new releases! So that was nice. I just never fell asleep. The plane food wasn't bad at all in my opinion. We got a snack on the first flight, and a snack, dinner, and breakfast on the long flight. 

Here's a couple of pics from today.

Beautiful sunset over the ocean :)

This was a machine we had to use at the airport to email our families because they do not have wi-fi. It was extremely difficult to use actually.

My official passport stamp!!!! :)

Today we will head to Avila to meet our families, eat with them, and then go to bed. Tomorrow we spend the day with our families, and then Monday we have placement testing and our first dance class. (OHHH BOY.) I'll try to post an update later, depending on if my family has Wi-Fi or not. 

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