Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The End

Well, now that I've kind of caught up on all of my happenings over the weekend, I can write about this week. I cannot believe I have come to this point. I only have 2 full days left here in Avila. This week is flying by but I just want it to last forever!

Monday I had 3 tests. It was insane. But it was nice to get those out of the way and now my homework load has dropped to pretty much nothing. I did really well on my grammar and literature tests, but my culture one not so much. Luckily, he's dropping our lowest test grade for that class and our day-trips and activities count for that grade as well.

Tonight we had a formal dinner at a country club here in Avila with 18 of us and Rico. It was fun to get all dressed up and go out to eat and the food was amazing!! I'm going to miss all of these people so much. I've made so many great new friends, and it's sad to think that I may never see the kids from Eastern Michigan again. It'll be weird going from spending all my time with these people to not seeing them again for a LONG while.

After the dinner my host dad came to pick Shanna and me up and on the way home he asked us if we'd gone to Cuatro Postes yet. It's a big monument on the edge of Avila of a cross surrounded by four posts, and it has an amazing view of the city. We said no but that we really need to go before Saturday and he decided to drive us up there right on the spot to see Avila by night. The view was absolutely incredible. Pictures cannot justify the view, especially because it's hard to get good pictures of lit up things at night. But the walls looked AMAZING and the whole area inside was lit up and gorgeous. We tried to take a million pictures, but not many of them worked out very well. It was a spontaneous little excursion but it was so amazing and so worth it.

I have so much to do in these next two days. We have our big end of the summer fiesta tomorrow night at school where our families come and we dance for them and do a few other fun activities. I also need to go to the mall and pick up a few things before I leave, get some last minute souvenirs for me and others, pack my suitcase, clean up everything, figure out my flight info stuff, and finish up school! Luckily for me, Rico said that Shanna and I don't have to take our final because we both have really good grades at this point. THANK GOODNESS. Who wants to take a final exam on their last day in Spain?!? Not this girl, that's for sure!!!

This time in Avila has truly been the summer of a lifetime and I have so many memories and moments I am never ever going to forget. I can't believe it's already coming to an end, but I guess it's time for this girl to come back to MN and keep on living my life in the states. I've changed a lot over the past six weeks and I can tell. It's going to be different living in the US after experiencing all of this, but I am excited to come home and see everyone and try to get back into the normal routine. It's 2:14am so I should probably get to bed, but I'll see you all SO soon!!

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