Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Climbing Las Murallas!

Well, this is my 50th blog post so I'm glad it's a fun one!! :)

On Friday afternoon, my family wanted to take me to climb up on top of the murallas (walls). You can't visit Avila without climbing the walls, right? Shanna and Emily decided to come with us too so it was fun to have a family/friend adventure and have photographers along so we weren't always taking selfies. The weather was ridiculously hot up there and we were dying, but the view was amazing and we got some great pictures. I wrote a little bit about this before, and it's pretty self explanatory, so I'll just share some pictures!

Seriously, just look at that!! How gorgeous is the view here?! It's like living in a castle.

We went around to another part of the wall and had my host mom take a picture! I LOVE this one :) Plus it has the gorgeous mountains in the background.

The four girls! It was fun to have Marta along because she can always lighten the mood and is so dang cute!! She is really shy, but was actually talking and laughing and enjoying spending time with Shanna and Emily. I think she really likes them, and I know they love her too!

Mi Familia! We finally had photographers and were able to get a picture of the four of us. I think I might print this here and buy a frame and leave it as a gift to them.

Classic picture of the murallas. Now I know where all those beautiful pictures online were taken!!

Hanging out in front of the walls with my girls! Can't believe we've been living here for almost 6 weeks and only have a few days left. We've definitely had the time of our lives here :)

Climbing the walls was so cool and fun. We only went about half way around because it was so super hot, but it'd have been fun to go another day when it was a little cooler and walk all the way around. Now I guess we are true Avila citizens!

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