Friday, June 14, 2013

Final Weekend

I can't believe this is my final full weekend here in Avila!!! I feel like I have so much to do and am going to be running like crazy trying to fit it all in!

Yesterday afternoon our group went to see the Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás which was really really cool. It was a much more fun cultural activity than just playing games or something, plus we got to go outside!! The weather was gorgeous. 

Today was a super fun day. After lunch, my family wanted to take me up on top of the murallas! We've been planning it all week. Shanna and Emily came along too, so it was a fun family/friends adventure on the walls. I got some AMAZING pictures. The view was incredible and it was so cool to be up on top of the walls. I felt like I could see forever, and it made me realize just how little I am in this big world!! I have a ton of pictures, but I haven't been able to sort through them all yet. Here's one that was toward the beginning I'll put on here for ya. I'll upload a bunch more later. :)

It's like being on top of a castle.

It was SO SUPER DUPER HOT though. And being up even higher on the murallas and walking around was deadly. We were sweating and so overheated and drank our bottles of water really quickly. We only walked  around on the northern half of the walls because we got way too hot. It'd be fun to go up another day and walk all the way around, but I'm just so glad I got to go up there and look over all of Avila. My host dad took us to a museum of the history of Avila afterwards too which was interesting to see.

When we got back home, Marta was begging to go swimming in the pool. Jesus thought the water would still be too cold, but there were a few kids in the pool and they said it was fine. So Marta and I put on our swimsuits and jumped in. It felt so amazing and it was really fun. She LOVES to swim and was doing handstands and somersaults galore. I was going to go out with my friends afterwards so I didn't want to get my hair all wet, so I just walked around in the pool a little bit and kept my hair out of the way. On Sunday I told her we'll swim for real and I'll play with her more :)

After that I went out with some of my friends for burgers! I haven't had a hamburger in so long and it sounded so good. I got a crazy burger! It had bacon, a fried egg, and barbecue sauce! (It would have had a bunch of veggies too, but I don't like them so I had it without.) Haha. As weird as that sounds, it was very delicious. After that we went to explore a big fiesta they're having in town this weekend for a little bit, but I'm planning to stay out at  it more tomorrow night, because we have an excursion tomorrow and it's gonna be super hot and I want to be better rested. 

So yes. Tomorrow we are going to Toledo! I'm really excited to see it, because I've heard it's beautiful. However, it's going to be SUPER hot again. It's supposed to be 95 degrees there tomorrow, and there's not much wind in Toledo. The streets are really narrow too so it gets really stuffy and humid. Should be quite the adventure. I really can't decide what to wear, because I don't think I'll be comfortable in anything! I'm debating a sundress, but I'm going to be all sweaty and gross so that won't really be fun either. Ugh. Gonna have to pack lots of water and sunscreen! We're hoping to find a pool there to utilize during free time. Haha. I need to go to bed for the night, but one day here soon I'll have to go through all of my pictures from the monastery, climbing the walls, and then Toledo! I'll have lots of pictures to upload.

One week from right now I'll be packing up all my stuff and preparing to leave my wonderful home here. AHHHH.

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