Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One Big Happy Family

Every Sunday we go to my host mom's parents' house for lunch. Nuria is one of 6 children and all of the children and their families come for lunch. There's usually around 20-25 people and it is such a fun time. They can be loud and crazy and boisterous but I've come to love spending time with them and look forward to every Sunday lunch. The uncles are funny and always ask Kelli and I questions or try to trick us with different jokes.

This past Sunday was our final big family dinner before we leave. Kelli and I were both sad that it was our final dinner. All of the family is so sweet and nice and I've grown to love them as family of my own. It was actually really sad to say goodbye for good to some of them as they were leaving. Some of them I'll see again before we leave on Saturday, but a lot of them I won't. I didn't realize how sad this is all going to be!! We bid goodbye to most of the family and then Kelli and I and our host moms and their parents sat around the table for a while and talked and looked at pictures. SO sweet. The Spanish people are so welcoming and accepting and will do anything to make you feel at home. I love the tight family bond that is part of the Spanish culture. They talk on the phone multiple times daily, are always at each others houses for coffee or tea, and obviously share a very special bond.

Here's a picture we got of most of the family on Sunday before we all left! A big bunch. It's like a big Thanksgiving meal every Sunday. They have given me so many memories and moments I will cherish for a lifetime :)

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