Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Real Monastario de Santo Tomas

Okay, here goes! I'm going to try to catch you up on all of the things I have done over the past few days! It's been pretty busy, so I''ll try to keep these short and sweet!

On Thursday afternoon for our cultural activity, Cristina (our dance teacher) took us to see one of the monasteries in Avila. I've heard a lot about it so I was interested in visiting it. The area where we were at was a big piece of the Spanish Inquisition and over 69 million people were killed or tortured there. That is so many people and is crazy to think about.

We got to look around inside the monastery, at an oriental museum, and the church. The church was crazy big and really beautiful. They choir corrals were really cool and the back of every single seat was different! It must have taken forever to construct.

This was a tomb inside the front of a church. I can't remember his name, but he was the son of the queen and set to take the throne as king one day, but he died at the age of 19. So his mother had this grand tomb constructed for him and they built the big church around it.

Overall the monastery was a really neat thing to see and is a big part of Avila. And the weather was gorgeous so it was nice to walk around outside in the sunshine :)

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