Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We spent our final Sunday night in Spain in Barraco. Barraco is a small pueblo village of about 2,100 people and is located right on the valley of the Alberche River. We went there to swim and enjoy the sunshine. Kari's family was going, and her mom is friends with my mom so she invited us to come too and then more people ended up coming too which was really fun.

Barraco is out in the mountains and is so absolutely gorgeous. We drove through it when we went to Toledo on Saturday.

Such a beautiful place to swim! Here we are with some of our family members who came with. Marta really wanted to come, but her allergies were really bad so they didn't think she should be outside more. The water was a little chilly at first, but once we got in it was fun. There were a lot of fish in the water swimming around though, and that was kind of freaky. We could see them through the water.

They also had a little kayak rental booth. We thought it'd be fun to take out some kayaks and go exploring down the river so 6 of us students went out and my host dad and Kari's host dad. Our parents were telling us to be really careful because it's pretty dangerous because there's a strong current. We did okay though. Some places were a little rough, like under the bridge, but it was so fun. The view was absolutely AMAZING. We were literally kayaking down a river through a bunch of mountains. It was so unreal and breathtaking. None of us had our phones or cameras to take pictures with though, because we didn't want to get them wet in case of an accident or a big splash. (We did a lot of paddle splashing each other hahaha). So those views will just have to remain in my brain, but they will for a long time. We paddled out for a while and the group of us girls stopped and layed in the kayaks in the sunshine for a while while the boys continued on.

I had 3 tests the next day, but going kayaking and swimming was SO worth it instead of wasting the nice afternoon inside reading books. As we like to say, "You Only Spain Once!!" So we might as well do as much fun and crazy stuff as possible. We're running out of time!

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