Thursday, June 20, 2013

Starts with Goodbye...

Today was our last day of school. YIPPEEEEE!! There's nothing that beats that last day of school feeling. Except knowing that I have to leave so soon!! :( I am not ready to go yet, not at all...

Here's a picture we took in my class today. We are the intermediate level, and there are 9 of us girls. We have a lot of fun in there and I'm really going to miss these girls and our amazing teachers, Rut and Berta. We spent 3 quality hours together every day filled with laughs, confusion, a little bit of learning, and a whole lot of fun.

Tonight was our big fiesta night at the school. All of our families came and Rico got up and talked for a little bit and the big showcase was our dancing. We have been practicing dancing all 6 weeks here and so now we were able to perform for our families and all of the teachers. We performed our big Sevillana dance in two groups and it went really well!! Shanna and I were really nervous beforehand that we'd forget a step or do one of the million weird things we've done in practice before. We survived and it went really well! One of our best times ever. My host dad recorded it on my camera for me so I'll have to show some of you guys when we get home. It's a pretty long video so I don't know if I'll be able to upload it on here. Maybe one day after I return. Some of the students danced Pasa Doble and Salsa after the Sevillanas, but we didn't. Rico, our advisor got up and danced the Pasa Doble with one of the other professors and it was so fun to see him let loose and be out of his shell!

My beautiful dancing partner :) Love you, Shan!

After the dancing each of the classes had their own little thing to do. The advanced class had dubbed over cute short videos with Spanish and so we got to watch their videos. Then my class went and we did "Me acuerdo..." The other day in class we all wrote a bunch of things that we remember from our trip here in Spain and so we decided to share some of them with everyone at the fiesta. Of course we played sad sappy music in the background and it was actually a lot more emotional than I thought it was going to be! I didn't cry but I saw a few of the other students from the other classes with tears in their eyes as they listened to us. We each shared three. It was hard for me to decide, but I choose one about running through the rain in the streets of Segovia, how I didn't want to sleep on my first day here and the bus ride even though I hadn't slept at all because I just wanted to see everything and be with the people, and lastly about our wonderful family dinners on Sundays. My family dinner one was the last one that was said out of all of them, and when we went back to our seats Vanessa (my cousin) grabbed me and I looked at her and she had tears streaming down her face. So did Raquel (her mom/my aunt) and my host mom too! Family is a HUGE thing here and the fact that I talked about our family dinners really meant a lot to them I think. Emotions were on a high, and then the other class presented. They had made a slideshow of a bunch of pictures from our trip and it was SO good. Shout-out to you, Kelli. That was an awesome slideshow. I had tears in my eyes throughout the beginning, but after the music got a little bit more happy during it I was fine. It was crazy to look back at pictures from the beginning and realize how much has happened since then and how much we've grown, individually and as a group. The final thing we all did was sing! Cristina (our dance teacher) had us work on a song for the last few days and we sang it for our parents. The verses were a little shaky but we can nail that chorus! Haha. It was about leaving and saying goodbye and I'm glad I didn't translate the lyrics before singing it at the fiesta because it's kind of sad too. I also have that on video if anyone wants to watch :) Then the program director came up and talked for a bit and presented us with our diplomas! It was really cool! We have amazing diplomas that are beautiful and from the University of Salamanca. Univ of Salamanca is one of the most prestigious universities in all of Europe so that's definitely going to be something to frame and hold on to. It was kind of fun to "graduate" again :)

After the ceremony we had some tapas and sat outside and ate. It was gorgeous outside and we took a bunch of pictures and talked and hung out. Then I had to say my first goodbyes and it was so sad! These next couple of days are gonna be rough, woof! I didn't think so, but it hit hard. A group of us were going to go to llao llao so I went over the my family to tell them and say bye and then Vanessa and Raquel said they probably weren't going to see me again before Saturday and so I had to say adios. The Spanish people here are so sweet and kind and always have such kind things to say. Raquel and her family were the first people I met here besides my family and have been around for many of my fun adventures here. I survived my goodbye with Raquel all right, but then when I got to Vanessa I lost it. She had tears in her eyes too. I walked back over to my friends then and they all got mad at me cuz I was crying which made them all get teary-eyed too. We all had it right on the border, just waiting to come out. We all went to llao llao together one last time and took a cute picture. It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to all of these wonderful people. I couldn't have asked for a better group to have spent the last 6 weeks with...

Tomorrow is going to be such a bittersweet day! We have "school" but we're just watching a movie and then eating a picnic outside. I'll have to say goodbye to all of the teachers and wonderful people at the school, and goodbye to most of my friends too. So sad. Especially because I don't know if I'll ever see the students from EMU again. Gotta make the best of our final day in Spain. I also need to buy a few last minute things and pack my suitcase. I have barely started! AHHH. I have like 3 shirts in there, that's all. Crazy to think of how much thinking and planning went into my packing before I came here, and then look at me now. I just can't bring myself to do it.

Here's a picture of me with my grammar teacher, Rut! She is so cute and sweet and I'm definitely going to miss her.

After Shanna left my house tonight, I was talking with my family for a little bit and was pushing back the tears as much as I could. We weren't even talking about me leaving or sad things, we were talking about carpet.. CARPET. Haha. My brain was just emotional and I was thinking about how this is all coming to and end and I'm going to miss our late-night talks. I got tears in my eyes and then they said we had to stop talking or else I was going to make them cry again! Haha. That's gonna be a rough goodbye, that's for sure. I'm gonna stop thinking about it now. Today I printed off pictures for them and bought frames. I have one of me and Marta for her, and one of the whole family. It's going to be hard to give them the pictures without crying, but it'll be what it'll be. I'm really really going to miss them.

Time for this long evening to come to an end so I can get some sleep before the long day ahead of me tomorrow. My last day in Spain.............

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