Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mi Casa

I know some of you have been curious about what my house and room look like here, so I took a few pictures to share with you all! :)

Bienvenidos a mi casa!! Here's our little gate entrance to our house.

Here is our living room (which is called the salon here in Spain). It's a nice big room and has the TV and DVD player, a couch and coffee table, a little keyboard piano, the fireplace, and lots of space for playing games or practicing violin.

We also eat in the salon! The coffee table rises up to the sofa and that's where we sit to eat. It's genius, really.

This is one side of my bedroom! I have my own bedroom and it is located upstairs. I have a bed, wardrobe, desk and chair, and a nice big set of shelves. It's really nice and I have plenty of room for my stuff which is great.

Here's my bed! The beds here are really little, like smaller than twin beds, but they work :)

Here's my bathroom! It's also just for me which is really nice. It's very small, but it gets the job done! It's downstairs though, so I do a lot of running up and down the stairs in the mornings, but I am becoming more efficient as the days go by.

Now we have the kitchen!! My parents are very good cooks and my mom spends a lot of time here in the kitchen. It's quite a bit different than kitchens in the US, but it works!! It's also pretty small.

Here's one set of appliances in the kitchen. Microwave, oven, and washing machine. Yep. The washing machines here are really teeny and in many of the houses they are in the kitchen somewhere. You just open a cupboard door, thinking there might be dishes behind it, but voila! A washer.

Here is one of our outdoor/patio areas! This is the only little chunk of grass we have. When the sun is shining, it's so nice to just sit outside here and relax. 

Last but not least, we have the pool!! We live in a gated community type place, and inside the housing complex we have a pool for the residents to use! I'm really excited to go swimming with Marta, but I don't know if it'll ever get warm enough!

Hope you enjoyed this quick mini-photo tour of mi casa! I really like my house here and it already feels like home to me :)

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