Thursday, June 13, 2013

Single Digits!

Oh my gosh, I only have 9 days left in Spain!! It's so hard to believe that my time here has gone by so quickly, and that in just over a week I won't be seeing any of the people I've been spending all of my time with. It's also kind of crazy for me to think about the fact that next Saturday I'll be halfway across the world back in Minnesota. Airplane travel is crazy! It's definitely going to be weird adjusting to life back in the US.

School is starting to wind down now that we're in our last 2 weeks. I have my final exams for conversation/composition and my culture class on Monday, because the Spanish teachers need to turn in their grades to Rico by Tuesday. And then my final with Rico is on Friday, which is not cool at all. But next week will be fun then because after the finals we won't have any homework or anything, so we'll have more free time and will be doing fun stuff in class like Spanish learning games and learning songs and other things like that.

Yesterday was a pretty typical day at school. But guess what?! I wore shorts for the first time! The temperature yesterday was 86 degrees and it was super sunny and finally warm enough for summer clothes!! I had a jacket on at school, because it's pretty chilly in the building, but in the afternoon and evening it was total summer outfit! The weather here is gorgeous and is supposed to stay that way for the rest of the week. I can't wait! Except for the school part, it totally feels like summer :) The only bad part about it is the allergies! Now that it has warmed up we all seem to have runny noses, scratchy throats, and watery eyes. It's not as bad inside, but when the weather is this gorgeous I can't sit inside all day and just stare at it through the window! Haha.

Finally rocking our shorts!!

The sunshine was so wonderful so we spent the afternoon hanging out in the plaza and a park enjoying the sunshine and breeze and eating some frozen yogurt. They have an amazing fro-yo place here called llao llao. They only have natural (regular) flavored yogurt but they have tons of fun stuff to put on top. Then we went to Amalfí's pizza again for dinner which was amazing like always. That place has such good pizza!! We got to sit and eat outside in a cabana type area which was really nice with the beautiful weather. 

When we walked back from Amalfi's it was dark out, and the plaza and murallas were so gorgeous. I've never been over on that part of town during the night because I try to avoid walking alone at night. So I was able to get some nice pictures. The skies were clear and beautiful and everything was lit up. We even saw The Big Dipper, which was SO cool because it makes you realize that even though you're across the world, you're still under the same sky :)

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