Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quick Check-In!

I have been CRAZY busy the last couple of days. And this upcoming week is going to be even crazier! I feel like we are cramming so many things into this last bit of time here!!! I have taken a million pictures in the last few days as well, so I need to get cracking on those too!

I have 3 tests tomorrow so I need to get to studying, but I hope to do a good blog post or two with pictures sometime tomorrow!! I need to recap the monastery visit, climbing the Murallas, our day trip to Toledo, swimming, making PANCAKES, family dinner, and kayaking through the mountains!!

It is unreal that I only have 5 days left here. I have had the BEST days ever the last few days and I just don't want it to end! Now that the weather here is gorgeous, I feel like my summer has finally begun and I don't want to leave it behind!

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