Saturday, April 27, 2013

2 Weeks Out!

Wow, I am only 2 weeks away from embarking on my summer adventure! And today it finally felt like summer outside. The sun was shining brightly and temps broke 60 degrees! I feel like I have so much left to do in these two weeks to be ready! Hopefully I can knock a lot of things off of my to-do list this weekend.

We received our housing arrangements the other day, so that is very exciting. I put the address of my home in Google Maps and creeped around on street view to see the building and the street surrounding it. Avila is so absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to walk around those streets and see the beauty for myself. I know my camera is going to be getting a good workout over the summer! As for my host family, we do not know many details about them at the moment. I know many of the students stay with "host moms," middle-aged women who live alone and have an extra room or two. I have the name of a woman who is my host mom, but I do not know if she is married or has any other family living with her. I will have to wait and see! I think I am going to bring my set of American measuring cups and a few recipes with, so I can cook/bake something new for her to try. I do not have an American roommate either. When we were applying, Rico told us that some of us may be paired with other students from here because they have a very limited number of host families. However, they must have had more than expected because only two sets of roommates (4 people) are sharing rooms. So I will be by myself, but I'm sure there will be another student living somewhere near me. I am now trying to think of a good gift to bring for my host mom! Please let me know if you have any good or creative ideas, I could use the help!!

I keep looking at beautiful pictures of Avila and cannot wait to experience it all myself.
I have also been in more contact with the other students from UND and EMU who are going to Avila too! We now have a Facebook page and so students have been communicating about flights, weekend trips, and plans for the extended weekend. I'm excited to meet all the students and hopefully make some new friends. I found three girls who are on the same flight I am from Atlanta to Madrid, so that is really nice! We are not sitting by each other, but just having other people there when we land in Madrid will be a nice comfort and aid in our quest to find where we need to go. It is going to be so weird to hop off a plane 12 hours later, and be in a completely new place speaking a totally different language. Hopefully the jet lag isn't too bad!

I have so much to do, but hopefully this weekend I can pick up the last few things I need, figure out some of my packing details, and work on budgeting for my trip. Oh yeah, and studying for finals should probably be thrown in there somewhere too.

Espero que lo pasen bien este fin de semana!

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